On Your Mark

an individualized high impact virtual tutoring service

Built On The Science Of Reading

OnYourMark Education is an individualized high impact virtual tutoring service.

We provide individualized foundational skills instruction to K-2nd graders grounded in the science of reading. We partner with schools as a supplement to the literacy instruction already in place to ensure students get the foundational reading skills they need to excel!

Individualized Virtual Literacy Support For K-2 Students

We took the research on effective high dosage tutoring and the science of reading and combined it with what we know about online instruction to build our individualized in school early literacy tutoring program.

Scripted, Research Based

We use Amplify Education’s scripted, research-based intervention program, rooted in the Science of Reading. Data-driven instructional materials powered by DIBELS and mCLASS Intervention determine areas of support and provide lessons targeted to students’ precise needs.

Rigorous Training & Content-Rich Coaching

Our tutors receive two weeks of training before they start tutoring and 90 minutes of professional development every week. Additionally, they receive individualized or group coaching sessions that are narrowly focused on the discrete skill of teaching a child to read and engaging them in an online platform.

Regular Progress Monitoring

Students are regularly progress monitored by their tutors and lessons are adjusted as they increase their reading proficiency.

Collaboration With Schools

Finally these tutoring sessions are embedded in schools, as a part of the school day, as a way to support the instructional program that’s already in place and to lighten the load of classroom teachers.

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At OnYourMark we want all children to have access to high quality, foundational skill instruction and become thriving readers.