33 Semifinalists Vie for $1 Million Yass Prize 

New Organization Unveiled to Expand Disruptive Education Innovation

CLEVELAND, OH – Following the inaugural Yass Summit, a diverse group of 33 Semifinalists for the $1 million Yass Prize were announced, while a major new organization was unveiled to meet the needs of a growing movement of transformational education providers.  

The new Yass Center for Education will combine the forces of the Yass Prize and the Center for Education Reform (CER) into a new national force to find, support, expand, and accelerate educational change in the United States. CER began in 1993 to restore excellence and accountability to education and became the pioneer in education reform, leading the charge for hundreds of groups to form over the past three decades.

“It’s not okay to stay in one place,” said Jeanne Allen to the attendees of the Yass Summit and Celebration at the Cleveland Museum of Art. “We have to go farther faster. We want to ensure that all of you get not just what you need to survive but to thrive.” 

Janine Yass, Founder and President of the Yass Prize said she and Allen would work over the next few months to execute on the vision of the new Yass Center for Education, which will formally open in January, 2024. “By formally establishing a new organization to support the work of all those we serve in new and innovative ways, we will dramatically expand opportunities for students, a goal Jeff and I have long sought to achieve,” she said.

This year’s Yass Prize Semifinalists will be the guiding light for the renewed mission of the Yass Center.  The organization will coalesce the educators, community leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who deliver the best and most innovative education across the country.

The 2023 Yass Prize Semifinalists serve more than 520,000 students across 21 states and nationally serve millions when the education technology awardees are included.

The Yass Prize Semifinalists are chosen on the basis of their record and commitment to redefining and transforming education. They include providers who deliver AI-infused personalized learning in both traditional and new forms of schooling; small learning environments that gives students curricular and program choice; life saving education and certifications for marginalized and at-risk populations; core content delivery and recruitment training; and empowering programs for underrepresented teachers, parents, and school leaders.

The prestigious $1 million Yass Prize is considered the Pulitzer of Education Innovation, according to Forbes Chief Content Editor, Randall Lane.

Celebrated in style with a private concert by The Beach Boys who saluted their efforts, the 33 awardees will each receive $200,000 as they compete for the $1 million Yass Prize. They will participate in a fast-paced Accelerator that will give them access to industry experts from the fields of journalism, finance, politics, and beyond for unique conversations and shared expertise. 

All 33 awardees are listed on the Yass Prize website at https://yassprize.org/awardees/2023-semifinalist/. The $1 million Yass Prize winner and finalists, who will each receive $500,000, will be announced December 13, in New York City.

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