On Your Mark

About OnYourMark Education

Why We Exist

OnYourMark exists to ensure that the students we serve learn to read by 3rd grade. We also believe that spreading an understanding of the science of how children learn to read can be transformative for tutors, teachers, children, and families.

Getting foundational literacy skills right in K-2 will support children to read on grade level and diminish the need for schools to remediate at their current levels.

Children First

Our work is rooted in what is best for students at all times. We embrace the science of reading while ensuring student learning and social emotional needs are elevated in all moments.

Bold Innovation

We think and work BIG and refuse to be limited by what’s been done in the past as we set course for the future.

High Quality Service

We cut through the noise to focus on great experiences for all our people (students, tutors, candidates and school partners all included!) We do this through a balance between support and accountability so all can thrive.


We center diversity, equity, and inclusion of experience, thought, and action in all areas of our work. We actively seek out perspectives that are different from our own, lean into discomfort, and examine how our biases impact ourselves and others.


We bring out the best of what is already inside of others. Our students become readers, our tutors become stronger teachers, our staff become door openers, and our organization is continuously improving.

At OnYourMark we want all children to have access to high quality, foundational skill instruction and become thriving readers.