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At OnYourMark, we’re passionate about transforming children’s reading journeys through virtual tutoring interventions. We collaborate closely with schools, supplementing classroom literacy instruction to empower K-5th grade students with essential reading skills for lifelong success.

Why Tutor for OnYourMark?

Impactful Learning
Be part of a movement that critically boosts children’s learning-to-read journeys, ensuring they excel in their academic endeavors.
Partnerships with Purpose

Support students’ literacy instruction as a complement to classroom learning.

Expert Training and Support

Our paid virtual tutors undergo rigorous training and continuous coaching. They develop instructional expertise firmly rooted in the science of reading, enhancing their effectiveness in teaching and fostering literacy.

What We Offer

Professional Growth
Join a community committed to ongoing learning and development, providing a pathway for career advancement within our organization.
Empowering Remote Work Environment
Experience a supportive and collaborative remote work culture that values diversity, innovation, flexibility, and inclusivity.
Meaningful Impact
Profoundly impact young learners’ lives by instilling confidence and igniting their passion for reading.

Join Us in Making a Difference!

Our tutors include retired and part-time educators; current tutors; recent high school and college graduates; college students, including those taking gap years; stay-at-home parents; and people who love working with children and want to help them learn to read. Tutors are paid based on the number of sessions they work, with a minimum commitment of two hours/day during the school year.

Join our team of dedicated tutors and educators and become an integral part of OnYourMark, contributing to the academic success and joy of learning for every student we reach.

Ready to be a catalyst in transforming young minds? Explore our current openings and start your journey with OnYourMark!


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