America’s Early Childhood Literacy Crisis

America is facing a literacy crisis. Our youngest students are falling behind, with only 47% of kindergarten students reading at grade level during the 2021-2022 school year. Pandemic school closures exacerbated the problem, but these challenges predate COVID-19. In the 2019-2020 school year, just 55% of kindergarteners were on track.  But a new model of […]

The Promise (and Challenges) in Scaling High-Dosage Tutoring to Combat COVID Learning Losses

Tutoring—an old education practice that historically was only available to affluent kids—raced to the forefront of public consciousness in the last two years as a way to catch all kids up after the pandemic’s learning disruptions. There’s strong evidence behind an intervention now called “high-impact tutoring,” defined as individualized or small- group instruction during the […]

PROOF POINTS: Four lessons from post-pandemic tutoring research

Research points to intensive daily tutoring as one of the most effective ways to help academically struggling children catch up. There have been a hundred randomized control trials, but one of the most cited is of a tutoring program in Chicago high schools, where ninth and 10th graders learned an extra year or two of math from […]

Accelerate’s First Call to Effective Action: A Synthesis of Lessons Learned

In spring 2022, Accelerate launched its Call to Effective Action (CEA) grant program and awarded more than $10 million to 31 partners to develop, scale, and evaluate sustainable, cost-effective tutoring models that could boost academic achievement for students. On average, the tutoring providers in our CEA grant portfolio supported a high proportion of students of […]

14 Charts that Changed the Way We Looked at America’s Schools in 2023

For K–12 education, 2023 was a year spent over a threshold.  Schools had one foot in the shutdown era, still struggling to restore a sense of normalcy that disappeared in 2020. A steep rise in behavioral and disciplinary issues, which many teachers hoped would be only the temporary product of COVID’s generational disruption to routines, […]

Closing the Gap in Reading Capabilities

An evidence-based, virtual tutoring program that provides students with dedicated, personalized guidance to develop the reading skills that will set students up for future success. CREATING EARLY LITERACY OPPORTUNITIES The OnYourMark program, a project of Cambiar Education, provides high-quality virtual tutoring that focuses on building and strengthening the early literacy skills of students. OnYourMark partners with […]

A Virtual Tutoring Program Boosted Early Literacy Skills. New Research Shows How

Intensive, high-dose tutoring can boost early reading skills, even in a virtual format, according to a new experimental study. Researchers from the National Student Support Accelerator at Stanford University tracked the reading progress of about 2,000 K-2 students in a dozen Texas charter schools. Half of the students were randomly assigned to attend class normally, […]

The Effects of Virtual Tutoring on Young Readers: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial

Susanna Loeb, Sarah Novicoff, Cynthia Pollard, Carly Robinson, Sara White This study is the first randomized controlled trial of a virtual early literacy tutoring program. OnYourMark Education provides tutoring grounded in the science of reading and focused on foundational literacy skills (e.g., phonics, phonological awareness, reading fluency). During the 2022-23 school year, OnYourMark partnered with […]

Study: Virtual Tutoring Boosted Young Readers’ Literacy Scores

The study, from researchers who typically advocate for in-person models, could be a breakthrough for schools struggling to find tutors. Young children learning to read made significant progress after participating in a high-dosage virtual tutoring program, according to new research released Wednesday — results that seem to defy conventional wisdom about effective ways to improve performance. Not […]