OnYourMark Education Driving Early Literacy Gains for Louisiana’s At-Risk Students

High Impact Tutoring: How Lincoln Parish Operationalizes a Literacy investment in K-2

High-Impact Tutoring:
How Lincoln Parish Operationalizes a Literacy Investment in K-2

Accelerate K-2 Literacy in Your Louisiana District!

Lincoln Parish faced a major literacy challenge. Now, they’re seeing huge gains! Through its partnership with nonprofit OnYourMark Education, Lincoln Parish has developed a formula for success that is leading to massive gains in literacy and highly effective use of federal funding.

Phaedra Blake






See how this expert panel, featuring Dana Talley, Chief Academic Officer, Kim Shackelford, Federal Programs Director, and Phaedra Blake, Principal, as they talk about their challenges, funding strategies, and partnerships that led to major literacy gains for their highest need students. 


Use Remaining ESSER Funds to Accelerate K-2 Literacy

Boost early learning with the required 20% allocation and make a lasting impact on student outcomes. The deadline to utilize ESSER III funds is September 30, 2024.

Amended protocols allow LEAs additional time to liquidate goods, services, and construction projects. This amended process allows LEAs additional flexibility in receiving goods and services purchased with ESSER III funding through December 16, 2024.

As long as contracts are in place by September 30, school systems can continue tutoring services through December 16, 2024.

Maximize Literacy Outcomes with State Bill 288 (SB-288) 

Once SB-288 passes, it will pave the way for sustainable funding of high-impact K-2 literacy initiatives in Louisiana.


K-12 students who failed mastery on any state assessment (From DIBELS8 to LEAP2025) are eligible for expanded academic support

By June 1st the LEA would be expected to compile that data

By August 1st the LEA-School Board would need to have a plan of action in place

Expanded Academic Supports include:

Our Approach

OnYourMark Education delivers high-impact, virtual literacy tutoring designed to boost foundational reading skills in K-5 students, with a strong focus on early grades (K-2).

Grounded in the Science of Reading, we work closely with schools to deliver structured instruction during the school day. Our comprehensive approach utilizes curricula like:

Step 1: Schools select the tutoring model (1:2 or 1:1 tutor-to- student ratio) that aligns with their needs and budget.

Step 2: We begin by identifying students requiring additional support and use DIBELS assessments to create personalized learning plans.

Step 3: Tutors deliver tailored, research-based lessons, regularly assess progress, and make necessary adjustments.

Our commitment to data-driven instruction and close collaboration with schools is reflected in our results. We’ve seen significant improvements in grade-level reading proficiency, and research like the the National Student Support Accelerator’s study valdates the effectiveness of our virtual tutoring model.

Our Impact

Our fall pilot partnership with Hillcrest Elementary in Lincoln Parish was a resounding success! Here's the impact we saw:

Inspired by this success, we've expanded into neighboring DeSoto and Ouachita Parishes. We're now supporting nearly 500 students across 8 Louisiana schools this spring.

LA Partner Districts

"OnYourMark is using DIBELS, the screener that our state is using, which I thought would be really good for coherence."

"The amount of professional development and the time that they put into their tutors is something that matters to me. A lot of folks will get retired teachers who are coming in and doing things that aren't necessarily best practice now, and are certainly not aligned with our curriculum and how we're teaching.

The 90 minutes of professional development and the 30 minutes of coaching a week really stood out. And then after we started the pilot, I was just so impressed with how well they worked with us, got to know us, met our needs, and came down face to face and met our teachers, saw our campus... They were really invested.

Every roadblock we faced, OnYourMark has worked through all of them with us. We've given them lots of feedback and they've taken that feedback and they've just been such a good partner."

- Dana Talley

Chief Academic Officer, Lincoln Parish

With reading proficiency gaps in some K-2 students at Lincoln Parish Schools in Ruston, Louisiana, Chief Academic Officer Dana Talley sought support from virtual high-dosage tutoring provider OnYourMark to close reading gaps for primary grades. After 10 weeks, the 80 students receiving support grew +4.2% on their overall composite reading scores. Kindergartners showed the highest gains, moving from the 13th to 24th percentiles. 

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Managing Director, Special Projects